weaponizing the DOJ against Conservatives

Hello all fellow Patriots,

 Thanks to Mike Sears ( Chair, Tillamook County) for sharing this document about the attacks on parents by the Justice System.

This Admin is totally out of control, weaponizing the DOJ against Conservatives and other thoughtful parents. This seems to be never ending, just when I think “how much worse can it get?” they do something even more agregious and usually uncontituitional.

We must stand and push back against all these attacks on our Country and the way of life that we have lived for decades.

Please let your voices be heard as well, they are chipping away at our rights, little by little, hoping we will not notice before it is to late!  I forwarded an email on Saturday about Bills coming up before the Oregon Legislature this week.  Please take the time to read and respond to the Bills that are not to our benefit as citizens of Oregon. SB 348 is in a meeting today, there are instruction as to how to either testify, write a written response and in some cases a personal email.

This is another attempt at taking away our 2nd Ammendment rights.  They are trying to push ths new bill to put Measure 114 in place, even though it is in the Courts and will undoubtedly be found unconstituitional.  Some of the other Bills that need our attention are listed by day they are up for discussion.  You do have 48 hours after the meeting to still send in your thoughts.

  This is not the time to sit by the wayside and expect others to do this for you!! We are the OTHERS, we must be the vocal ones, have your voices heard, this is how we get things accomplished.  Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the attention! Let’s get Squeaky!

Standing with you,

Joan Crall

Chair, LCRCC