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 Important legislative updates and action items

Dear SCC Members, please forward this time sensitive information to your PCPs and everyone you know for that matter!

First is an urgent email I received today regarding SB348 and an amendment. It was originally sent out by Richard Emmons owner of the Eagle News Forum in Grants Pass.

Following this urgent information is the weekly update on bills which includes SB348 from Senator David Brock Smith

“Last night at 7PM, the Democrats dropped a 64-page amendment into SB 348. This bill takes Measure 114, makes it worse, and puts it into a new bill which would take effect upon passage.

Why would the Democrats do this?

They dropped it in at 7PM Friday night so most people will find out about it on Monday when they are at work. That will be too late for most people to show up and/or prepare and submit written testimony in opposition to this bill in time for Monday’s hearing at 5PM.

The Democrats know that ballot Measure 114 is tied up in federal and state courts and will likely be declared unconstitutional.

By putting the language of Measure 114 into a bill the Democrats can use their power to bypass the judicial branch and get this bill into law and effect immediately.

The Democrats took advantage of this opportunity to make Measure 114 worse.

  1. The proposed bill increases the ‘permit-to-purchase’ fee from $65 to $150. This reflects the newfound reality of the bureaucratic complexity of Measure 114 and the higher costs of implementation. The result of a higher fee is to make buying a gun more difficult for people who live in poor areas.
  2. The bill backdates the prohibition against gun magazines holding more than 10 rounds to Dec. 12, 2022. If passed, this bill criminalizes the buyers of such magazines despite it being legal at the time due to Measure 114 being tied up in court.
  3. The bill increases the minimum age to buy a gun to 21.
  4. The bill requires a 72-hour waiting period between the purchase time and the delivery to the buyer.

I read the bill as amended and it’s all in there. You can read SB 348 here:

You can read the staff summary here. This summarizes what the bill does.

You can find links to the hearing and submit written testimony from this page.

Submitting written testimony is key to stopping this bill. Few of us can drive to Salem on Monday so we need to bury them with written testimony.


Reading, researching, and writing about dangerous bills like SB 348 take time and energy. I’m not complaining, of course. It’s on my job description.

It’s all about getting the word out and making a difference in our community.

On that note, let me say “Thank you” to my Eagle VIPs who support the Eagle with extra contributions above and beyond their subscriptions.

Would you like to go and do likewise? Here’s where to find out more. Thank you.


How to submit written testimony:

I heard about SB 348 from Derek LeBlanc who leads a Facebook group, Oregon Firearms Advocates. Here are some points to consider for your “opposition” testimony:

  1. Oregon does not have resources to implement M114 so the system cannot handle what they are trying to do.
  2. Bruen decision created a new standard to determine 2A constitutionality.
  1. State regulations negatively affect women and minorities most.
  2. Cost of permit-to-purchase increased from $65 to $150. No money, no 2A rights.
  3. None of this does anything to make us safer.
  4. This new law will be challenged and end up in court.
  5. SB 348 backed dated to 12/8/2022 to criminalize any high-capacity magazines purchased since 12/8/22.

Be original and don’t depend solely on facts. Democrats use fear and emotion to support bad bills. We can use the fear and emotion of people living in crime-ridden areas to support our case.

Here is Derek LeBlanc’s testimony which he posted in Facebook as EXAMPLE. Please do not copy it.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee,

I am writing you today in firm opposition of SB 348! This Senate bill is almost a mirror image of Measure 114, which is being challenged in State and Federal court because of its unconstitutional nature. The Oregon legislature is being influenced by outside groups like LEVO and MDA to circumvent the judicial process. What is really important to realize is that fear and emotions DO NOT out weigh constitutionally protected rights. Our rights don’t come from the government and our Constitution is a document that is meant to restrain the overreach from our government. Every Oregonian should be outraged that then Oregon Senate is being used by special interest groups in a lawless manner to circumvent the system.

The Bruen decision that came out last June from the Supreme Court set a new standing on how our 2A rights are supposed to be viewed. Measure 114 and SB 348 are in direct violation of this ruling. This will be challenged in court and this will be overturned. SB 348 also raises the cost of the PTP from $65 to $150!! This negatively impacts people of color that live in urban environments and also single parent households. There is no equity and on at face value SB 348 is both racist and sexist because it effects women plus people of color at a higher rate than it would me a white male. We are not subjects and we are not ruled by the Oregon legislature. It is past time that you start listening to the voters in your districts, not just the ones that pay you and help you retain your power. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely and this is exactly what this overreach is.

Measure 114 never should have been on the ballot and the Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan was in dereliction of her duties and should be recalled. Attorney General Ellen Rosenbaum is supposed to remain apolitical but she has abused her position to wage war on law abiding citizens. All while radical DA’s under her control have not fully prosecuted criminals and lead us to this position of complete lawlessness. The Oregon legislature is now following suit. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Oregon gun owners are not your enemy. We are your neighbors, we are your coworkers, and most importantly we are tax payers. We are awake, we are paying attention, and we WILL pushback on this unconstitutional law. See you in court!


There you have it. I can’t wait for Summer to get here because that means the legislative session will be OVER.”

Good afternoon,
As I have mentioned to many of you, I am trying to stay ahead of some Bills of Concern that are coming up for Public Hearings. I am sending you this information so that you may have an opportunity to bring your voice to the Legislative Process.

Please forward this to your friends and neighbors that might offer their testimony as well. 

You can also click the “View Online” tab in the top right hand corner of this newsletter that will take you to the online version of this newsletter, which will allow you to share the link. 

Thank you for all of your work for our beautiful state. It is greatly appreciated. 
Be Safe and God Bless. Senator David Brock Smith – SD1

Legislation of Concern for the Coming Week

March 27th through 31st

Clicking the bill number will allow you access to more information on the bill. The bill text, any submitted amendments and testimony that may have already been submitted is available in the tabs at the top of the webpage. By clicking the “Register to Testify” tab, you can fill out the form to sign up to testify remotely through Microsoft Teams for the bill either via Teams Video or on the phone. If you would like to submit written testimony, click the “Submit Testimony” tab and then either fill out testimony form or upload your written testimony.

This of course does not incapsulate all the bills for the coming week. Bills could also be added to committee agendas at any time and after the work to put this list together.


Senate Committee On Housing and Development 8:00 am

SB 611 – Increases amount residential landlord owes tenant for landlord-cause termination of tenancy. Limits annual rent increases. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Senate Committee on Health Care 1:00 pm

SB 1076 – Requires licensed hospitals to include in hospital’s discharge policy specified procedures for discharge of homeless patients.

SB 492 – Imposes new requirements on the determination of health services to be provided in state medical assistance program.

Senate Committee On Judiciary 1:00 pm


SB 348 – Directs Department of Justice to study ways to address unlawful possession of firearms, and to provide results of study to interim committees of Legislative Assembly no later than December 31, 2024.

-1 Amendment basically enacts Ballot Measure 114.

SB 527 – Allows gun dealer or person transferring firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition or ammunition components for purchase at gun show, or business engaged in repairing or servicing firearms to establish minimum age of 21 years for such purchases, repairs or services. Creates exemption from antidiscrimination statute for enforcement of policies that impose age-based restrictions on purchase of firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition or ammunition components or on repairing or servicing of firearms in place of public accommodation.

House Committee On Climate, Energy, and Environment 3:00 pm

HB 3459 – Prohibits energy utility from disconnecting service to residential customer for failure to pay amount owed for energy services. Prohibits energy utility from seeking to collect from residential customer who spends six percent or more of household income on energy costs. Requires energy utility to accept reasonable partial payment or payment plan for overdue amounts. Requires any partial payment or payment plan to be less than six percent of customer’s household monthly income. Permits energy utility to recover costs for overdue amounts in rates to all residential service customers. Requires energy utility to provide Housing and Community Services Department with contact information for residential customers who have higher than average energy usage. Requires department to contact customers to help customers access programs and resources that may assist with reducing energy usage.


Senate Committee on Labor & Business 8:00 am

SB 418 – Requires subject employers to adopt policy allowing subject workers paid time off during shift to receive medical services related to worker’s compensable injury or occupational disease.

Click Here for the Associated Oregon Loggers Services, Inc. Testimony in Opposition.

SB 851 – Requires Bureau of Labor and Industries to study matters relating to psychological abuse occurring in workplaces in Oregon. Directs bureau to submit findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to business and labor not later than September 15, 2024.

-2 Amendment changes from a study bill to full blown policy.

SB 907 – Provides employee with right to refuse to perform task assigned by employer under certain circumstances. Protects employee against disciplinary action for exercising right. Prohibits employer from retaliating or discriminating against employee for invoking right. Allows employee to use sick leave to cover period when employee is not working due to employee’s exercising right to refuse to perform assigned task.

SB 925 – Makes unlawful practice for employer or employment agency to advertise job, promotion or transfer opportunity without disclosing pay range and employment benefits in job posting. Requires employers to maintain certain employment records for each employee. Makes violation unlawful practice. Permits Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to assess civil penalty against employer or employment agency for violation. Makes employment agencies subject to prohibition against inquiries regarding salary history and past criminal convictions. Becomes operative on January 2, 2024. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Senate Committee On Judiciary 1:00 pm

SB 256 – Prohibits person from knowingly or intentionally manufacturing, importing, distributing, offering for sale, selling or leasing or otherwise transferring, or installing or reinstalling counterfeit automobile supplemental restraint system component, nonfunctional airbag or object that does not comply with federal standard for make, model and year of motor vehicle.

SB 1070 – Requires sentencing court to consider as mitigation evidence whether defendant was subjected to domestic abuse that was contributing factor in criminal behavior. Provides that such evidence constitutes substantial and compelling reasons justifying downward departure sentence. Authorizes court to impose lesser sentence even if sentence is mandatory or otherwise required by law. Creates procedure by which person currently serving sentence may petition court for resentencing if person was subjected to domestic abuse that was contributing factor in criminal behavior. Establishes Task Force on Services and Support for Incarcerated Domestic Violence Survivors. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Senate Committee on Education 1:00 pm

SB 270 – Authorizes adult in custody to enroll in academic program at any community college in state, any distance learning academic program or any other higher education academic program that adult in custody applies for and is accepted into, provided that enrollment in academic program is consistent with administrative rules and regulations adopted by Department of Corrections.

SB 517 – Prohibits licensing board, commission or agency from denying, suspending or revoking occupational or professional license solely for reason that applicant or licensee was convicted of crime or subject to qualifying juvenile adjudication that does not substantially relate to specific duties and responsibilities for which license is required. Specifies criteria for determining whether crime substantially relates to specific duties and responsibilities for which license is required. Specifies additional restrictions on licensing board’s, commission’s or agency’s power to deny occupational or professional license. Permits person convicted of crime to petition licensing board, commission or agency at any time for determination as to whether conviction will prevent person from receiving occupational or professional license. Permits licensing board, commission or agency to charge reasonable fee for determination. Provides that final determination is binding upon licensing board, commission or agency unless, at time of petition, person has charges pending, failed to disclose previous crime or was convicted of crime after submitting petition. Requires notice to person before final determination that conviction will result in denial of occupational or professional license. Specifies additional rights of person and additional notice requirements.

Senate Committee on Finance & Revenue 3:00 pm

SB 1068 – Authorizes board of directors of rural fire protection district to annex to district, under certain circumstances, lands that are within coverage area of district.


Senate Committee On Housing and Development 8:00 am

SB 859 – Allows local governments, and during emergency period allows Governor or certain agencies, to abate waste, graffiti and vandalism associated with homelessness and other factors. Allows costs to be passed to solid waste collection ratepayers. Requires Oregon Department of Emergency Management to report to interim committee of Legislative Assembly on state expenses under program on or before September 15, 2024. Sunsets January 2, 2026. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Senate Committee On Natural Resources 8:00 am

SB 398 – Requires State Department of Agriculture to study confined animal feeding operations. Directs department to submit findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to agriculture no later than September 15, 2024. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

SB 85 below is not up for another public hearing, however the bill is still alive and advocacy is still needed to make sure it does not move out of committee.

SB 85 – This bill deals with CAFO’s and has democrats attacking our dairies, chicken and cattle farms and ranches. As they do, the bill itself is just a “study” but the amendment goes far beyond that and will shut down current farming operations. Please see the link to the amendment and part of the language of that amendment below.

“SECTION 2. (1) The Department of Environmental Quality and the State Department of Agriculture may not issue or renew a license or permit to allow the construction or operation of: “(a) A new industrial confined animal feeding operation; “(b) An addition to, or expansion of, an existing industrial confined animal feeding operation; or “(c) An addition to, or expansion of, an existing livestock farm if the addition or expansion would cause the livestock farm to become an industrial confined animal feeding operation.”

If you cannot sign up to testify or submit testimony, you can also email the Committee Chair at: Senator Jeff Golden

Senate Committee On Judiciary 1:00 pm

SB 528 – Modifies provisions relating to protective proceedings.

SB915 – Creates Deadly Force Prosecutions Unit within Criminal Justice Division of Department of Justice. Appropriates moneys from General Fund to department for purposes of unit.


House Committee On Judiciary 8:00 am

HB 3390 – Prohibits sale, offer for sale or trade of fur product in State of Oregon. Establishes that “fur product” does not include animal skin to be converted into leather, cowhide, deerskin, lambskin or sheepskin or animal pelt or skin preserved through taxidermy or for purpose of taxidermy. Provides exemptions from prohibition. Provides that violation committed intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence is punishable by maximum of 364 days’ imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

House Committee On Housing and Homelessness 8:00 am

HB 3503 – Repeals prohibition on local rent control.

Senate Committee On Energy and Environment 1:00 pm

SB 522 – Changes name of “Oregon Global Warming Commission” to “Oregon Climate Action Commission.” Modifies membership and duties of commission. Modifies state greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Directs state agencies to report to commission on progress toward achieving greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.


Bills of Concern to Watch

Bills to Support



Senate Committee On Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs 8:00 am

SB 1009 – Authorizes issuance of general obligation bonds under Article XI-Q of Oregon Constitution for construction of veterans’ home in Roseburg, Oregon.

Senate Committee On Education 3:00 pm

SB 17 – Requires Higher Education Coordinating Commission, in coordination with Department of Public Safety Standards and Training and community colleges, to study how best to make classes that are part of recruit academy training for police officers be academic credits that are part of associate degree.

-1 Amendment implements the program.




Jo Rae Perkins
Secretary, Oregon Republican Party
Cell: 541-979-539